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the perfect gift visa review

//the perfect gift visa review

the perfect gift visa review

Customer service is extremely poor they also do not investigate any reports of fraud after 60 days of when the fraudulent activity occurred. Horrible customer service, and the worst gift idea ever. The team at Their Perfect Gift created and supplied bespoke Visa Cards, mounted in client branded holders with individually printed messages. I wish I had seen all the negative reviews before. This is a scam from Perfect Gift prepaid gift card. Second, a gift, although it may not tell the true worth of the recipient, conveys the value and … I’ve been trying to register this card and call the customer service number on the back of the card for six days now and have been unable to reach anybody. Audience Reviews for The Perfect Gift. It was declined and when I called I was told the card was sold to someone else on February 23, 2019. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! The second song "Instrument of Peace" is a unique version of the prayer of St. Francis that will truly prepare you for the real meaning of Christmas. This is stealing money from the person received the gift. Always the perfect gift! I read thru the reviews and everyone is talking about the perfect gift not perfect gift they are 2 different companies. Visa gift card purchase fees vary by card, but the Target Visa Gift … When contacting us please provide your name, your card account number … What a silly person! Yes. It was a prize! Restaurants near The Perfect Gift: (0.00 mi) Midtown Eats (0.00 mi) Pulped & Squeezed (0.03 mi) Hall of Flame Burgers (0.03 mi) Rosa's Roasted Corn (0.03 mi) Body Soul and Spirit; View all restaurants near The Perfect Gift on Tripadvisor $ I got a one 100$ card as a gift. Neither of them will work to make a $50 purchase.It is impossible to get through to a person using their cardholder services number. The Perfect Gift. Every time I phone or try to go online and register the card it just shuts me down says it doesn’t recognize what I’m trying to do and I’m doing everything right.What a waste of my time and money not to mention I bought the card in the city for hours away from where I’m working and cannot go in to get a replacement. Just to confirm as everyone else total scam. I had won a $100. 2 days later I get an email saying the problem was resolved, no other explanation except for we send u a letter.2 weeks later nothing so I lost pretty much a little over 80$.I have been trying to cal the number and all it tells me my card is not active.Never ever use this visa it’s BS and scamers. Don’t wait until the holidays to reward your employees! 102 Reno, NV 89521. Just opened my two new gift cards which were gifted us and tried using at one of the mall . If a gift, for example, is an expensive one, we generally conclude that the giver is rich. Upon activation, there is a service fee immediately deducted from the card (currently $5.89 plus HST). Complete crap. I bought a $150.00 gift card just this past Thursday. Only purchase this gift card if you want your 'gift' to go directly in MasterCard's pockets. We called the gift card Company and they told us a purchase was made in Winnipeg for a food delivery, interesting we live in Vancouver bc so definitely it was not us. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Bad customer service! A BIG SCAM DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. The Card may be declined if there is not sufficient funds on the Card to cover the amount of your purchase. We will … If your Visa Prepaid Card is lost or stolen, call Customer Service 24/7 toll-free at 1-866-466-8082 to have your Visa Prepaid Card marked lost or stolen as soon as you can. Never ever buy this card. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets I called them and the first person, after I got a 2 minute message that kept saying the same thing over and over, I could not hear them clearly, sounded garbled to me. With it, you’ll earn 3% cash back on Amazon purchases. The whole process was executed efficiently with absolutely no problems and the finish prize was top quality. I bought a perfect gift visa and I have been unable to register it online every time I punch in the numbers from the card it says that it doesn’t understand, or cannot process at this time. When I activated this card on Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 4:30 PM, I realized that my card had a balance of only $13. I received a "Perfect Gift" gift card for christmas and activated it today, March 7. Because is is a complete scam. Fees. This has been since May 2020.. Disgusting Company. Answer: you can't. I went to check my balance and it said $0.30 . Been trying for about 7 days now to get to my funds. DRESSES Explore dress styles for all occasions, from printed florals, flowing maxi dresses to the perfect party dress. Hope my $31.28 in monthly fees was worth it to never see another penny from me. Can't talk to a live person via phone and other option is to MAIL IN a letter! The GiftCards.com Visa ® Gift Card, Visa Virtual Gift Card, and Visa eGift Card are issued by MetaBank ®,N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.The Visa Gift Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US. At least tell it from the first, not after I have explained everything! They stole my money . You could have just asked for the $50 instead of stealing it little by little every month until it’s $0 balance! DONOT buy this card, $3,00 monthly fee what a scam. Got this as a gift. AWFUL !!! THE PERFECT GIFT, LLC: WISCONSIN DOMESTIC LIMITED-LIABILITY COMPANY: WRITE REVIEW: Address: 1715 S. 85th Street West Allis, WI 53214: Registered Agent: Tyah L. Sartler-Williams: Filing Date: May 08, 2009: File Number: T048376: Contact Us About The Company Profile For The Perfect Gift, LLC When I called 1-855-288-0926 (number on the back of the card), I … They will not follow up. I still stand by this review. MSRP $75.00. Read more. Title: The Perfect Gift, DVD Format: DVD Vendor: Kelly's Filmworks Publication Date: 2009 Weight: 3 ounces UPC: 094922231741 Stock No: WW109027 These scammer should be cut and jailed for taking away the money of innocent people under false business operation. Critic Reviews for The Perfect Gift. There are no critic reviews yet for The Perfect Gift. You can help a soul in purgatory reach heaven on Dec. 25. The Perfect Gift Shambles of a company. Mail. That number only tells you you need to register. You will need to know your Visa Prepaid Card number, so be sure to record it in a safe place. All bills here are paid by someone else so my name is not on them. While it … Commerce Bank Visa Gift Card. When I tried to register the card it would not let me and the next day it was used in another city for $150.00. Both THEPERFECTGIFT.CA and JOKERCARD.CA are a FULL SCAM. Transform your look with gorgeous floral prints in different dress styles to suit your every day, work events or an extra special occasion. Register Card. Perfect Gift offers gift cards and related products for business to business use as incentives, rewards, and loyalty instruments. Share. This is a scam. ! There are so many problems with these cards; monthly service fees, non-reloadable, etc. Purchase a gift card at a Commerce Bank branch or purchase online. I wanted to check to make sure that they got the payment before I threw out the card and I entered the card information for them to tell me that there's an error. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Perfect Gift at Amazon.com. He saw that there were two items on Paypal for $74.35 which I have no idea what they were. Might as well flush your money down the toilet. These guys should be boycotted with headlines in the news, especially at this time of year. 2 contributions. Do your homework before you leave reviews so you make sure your leaving the review about the correct company. The Perfect Gift (2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Scam No customer service. The Perfect Gift UK have you covered! Please note that enrollment in The Perfect Gift 5% Cash Back Prepaid Visa* or Mastercard ® program is automatic and you do not need to register your card to participate. Works fine for purchases, but if there is ever a refund issued to your card, the card is instantly locked down. I will never ever purchase or tell everyone I know not to purchase gift card from Perfect anymore!!! DO Not buy!! I just bought them because I saw them at SHOPPERS DRUGMART and I trusted that they would be reliable. DO NOT BUY!!! The document that came in the package states that monthly fees are charged one year after activation date. Cannot find a store (online or otherwise) that will accept these pieces of crap. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. Stuck on what gift to buy your family or special person? To use the card at a point-of-sale terminal, simply swipe the magstripe on the back of the card and sign the receipt. Learn more. Hi guys me again about the perfect gift visa when true the possessed to get my money as they ask and they send my new card and it finally came in but with 0$ on it and now they told me it’s another 30 to 90 days cause they have to do it all over again it’s gonna be an going on thing Little advice plz give the word out to others as much as possible that no one els has to go true this and get their money stolen. bibichan24 wrote a review Aug 2017. new e-GiftCard . Payments anywhere Mastercard or Visa is accepted. What a way to steal peoples money . There is no way in hell I will send them that kind of information especially as I have come to not trust them now. Next issuing of virtual cards - 29/12/2020. Don’t use This company they’re thieves. We did this twice and still the Company keeps telling us we need to show the original purchase of the gift card. First time in Dec 2019 I tried using the card at the restaurant, and it didn’t work for some reason. Explore our exclusive holiday gift sets, including our limited edition Wizard of Oz™ collection, and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Damn you. They still do not get it. I got the $200 “The Perfect Gift” visa card as a Christmas gift in Dec 2019 from one the vendors. I called again and could clearly understand the person and he asked me for my name , address and phone number that was on the information I gave when registering the card. So someone else used the remaining balance on my card, I didn't notice it and now they will not investigate this or even give me any information on where the card was used. They were telling me that might be an online scam. and I called customer service after two months to double check, but they told me my balance is zero. While you're at it check out our unique glow hampers and floating gifts that will have that special persons face in … I then left the store to get in touch with the company. No cash or ATM access. I live in Quebec, Canada and someone placed an order on Walmart.com. Can't register card. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! they have all my personal details and didn’t even give me my money back Said someone spent the money on my card and wanted my utilities bill and other documents to get $50 back . Got one for a wedding gift and lost over $30 of the balance due to fees by the time we used it. Received a card as gift xmas2019 came to use it in July 2020 and there was a purchase of $33.98 on it and I’ve been trying since June 2020 to get the money returned and I just keep getting the run around. Scammers . Please people don’t give them anymore money! 67 likes. Read more. Do not get this card for anyone. Using another reputable company name this version perfectgift.ca rips off anyone that purchases it. So much for the “Perfect” visa gift card. Absolutely any other card on the market is FAR better than “the perfect gift” such a hilarious name btw. Directed by Jefferson Moore. They have hidden fees and service charges from the "bank" they use. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I thought the company would try to get to the bottom of this but their policies help nobody except for the scammers. I just called customer service and they were of no help. I received 'the perfect gift' prepaid MasterCard as a birthday present. One year following activation, there is monthly deduction. I did not enjoy my experience with them at all. So I gave them a call and said I am an international student, I did not know of this and please return the fees and it happened during the COVID when everybody is so confused but he simply said we can NEVER do it after I explained alot about my situation! They have a big range of gifts such as hampers for every occasion. You try and are told to call number on back. Buy Now Want to send the perfect Gift to someone who lives toO far away? Made a great gift for birthday. Total scam!! © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Stay away. First, the cards aren’t cheap. I have tried to use this card online, in retail, anywhere and it will not work. So where has my money gone? Never go with the perfect gift card. And when I tried to use the balance, I was told that there was less than one dollar left. Just gift cash. I will never purchase a card myself from them this is a total scam..... Of course they are happy when you stop going after them for that, they don't was to give out money to anyone. If there was any rating lesser than one star I will give them.This company is absolutely a fraud.My husband got the gift from his place of work and gave me to use.I registered it as said on the website and even checked the balance on the card.I tried using it to shop online and the website said the card number was incorrect.Pls note that I opened the pack myself .I tried calling their customer service and I was asked for my details only for the rep to tell me that my information is not on the card .He even said that maybe I forgot my house address and maybe my postal code has changed. Do not buy. The card is registered online and states that the full balance is available, but there is no way to use it. The order was shipped to Newark, DEThey will not help me because I don’t have the receipt of when the card was purchased. Such a piece of crap. No human no help. Hi guys me again about the perfect gift Visa card. I've never had this problem with OTHER GIFT CARDS. After I tried to make purchase it got declined. Browse our huge range of luxury, personalised and sentimental gifts. We used it once and then a few months later tried to use it again only to find that our card was declined. You will never know there was a charge every months after 12 months from the date of purchased and the fine print is so small and you could not even see the charges until you used the card. Wow! I used $50. Went to use it and its invalid. Really? This card company is a scam, the website is compromised. Ya this is for sure a scam!The phone number on the back of their cards doesn't work and if you go on their website the other number they provide is a phone service to meet hot people or something.DONT BUY THIS CARD, These cards are complete garbage! SCAM! How could they sell me the same card 9 months later? The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is the lesser of Amazon’s two branded credit cards. Say Great Job with a Visa Gift Card anytime of the year! "The Perfect Gift" is a Capra-esque tale of a spoiled schoolgirl, her overworked executive mother and a disillusioned minister and how each receives an uplifting message about friendship, commitment and the truest meaning of Christmas from a friendly, but mysterious drifter named Jess. I had a $25 Gift Mastercard from this company, called The Perfect Gift. Each time the Visa or Mastercard prepaid card is used, the purchase amount, including taxes and any other charges, is deducted from the available balance until that balance reaches zero. There are now technically two different Amazon Visa cards. The Perfectgift Visa Gift Card comes in various fixed denominations and variable denominations between $25-$500. THEY ARE THE WORST. With Jefferson Moore, Christina Fougnie, Matt Wallace, Tom Luce. This is a scam. The holidays may be behind us, but a new year of birthdays is right around the corner. No customer service to talk personally its very frustrating. !Don’t ever buy this card.I bought one for $200 from a pharmacy in November 2019, tried to use on July 5, 2020. Date of experience: August 2017. This is by far the worst gift card Company i have ever been involved in. If a gift has religious bearing, we often think that the giver is a pious person. Do not waste your money! Complete scam. Sort by Go to refine section. I will strongly recommending do not buy gift card from Perfect Gift anymore! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card review Sara Coleman October 6, 2020 in Bad Credit How we rate our cards | Advertiser Disclosure Bankrate.com is an independent, advertising-supported comparison service. Don't ever use them. The Perfect Gift TM prepaid cards can be used wherever Visa or Mastercard cards are accepted. How do you use this card? A spoiled schoolgirl, her overworked executive mother, and a disillusioned young minister each receives an uplifting message about friendship, commitment, and the truest meaning of Christmas from a friendly, but mysterious drifter. The PerfectGift Mastercard® Reward Cards are issued by Sutton Bank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Visa Virtual Account can be redeemed at every Internet, mail order, and telephone merchant everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This card is limiting in every sense, from the unnecessary fees (upfront and monthly fees), to the required registration before use. MasterCard refused to refund the 'maintenance fee' even though the card had never been used or even registered before. Every time i try to communicate with this company i highlight and underline we did not purchase the card it was a gift to us for our wedding day. order GiftCard . So I lost $20 dollars but was finally able to get it to process on Amazon.ca. I have 2 $50 gift Visa gift cards from theperfectgift.ca. Then a copy of my birth certificate or health card or a card with my name and address on it. I don't understand why in the world SHOPPERS keeps selling these. When I checked online initial card balance showed as 100$. DO NOT BUY -The Perfect Gift prepaid visa card. The perfect gift has the best gift online free delivery service. You are always looking for the perfect gift, so we are hear to help! It is not fair. Never buying again! Sent 5 emails, spoken to 7 supposed customer service agents and 2 managers with no resolution. They charged the activation fees already and why there is a monthly fees after 12 months the card issued even before the card expire. I didn't have a use for it right away, and when I was ready to purchase something, I opened the packaging, registered the card, only to find out that my balance has decreased by half due to a $3 monthly fee that has been charged for 8 months. NEVER buy one of these cards. No fees for the first 6 months after card registration . Refine Products. Not email. There should be a class-action suit. Perfect Gift prepaid VISA gift card is charging $3 per month after the 12 months of the card being purchased. This is a ripoff I just use it and made a $400.00 transaction and when I check my balance they charge 80.00 more. When called to ask about this, their phone system requires you to go into disputing a transaction to get a hold of anyone, and their answer is "this is how the card is set up". card. Appallingly bad product which clearly is making this corporation huge profits. There’s the Amazon Visa Rewards Signature Card, which is the old card in a slightly new form, and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, which is for card members with an Amazon Prime account.. As announced last week, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature now … I received it as a gift and I did not know after one year they will start charging a monthly fee if you have not done using it fully. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! I had over $100 left on one of these cards and when I tried to use it in a shop, it was declined several times. I couldn't buy anything online and when I went back to SHOPPERS they told me these cards are FINAL SALE, NO REFUNDS from either SHOPPERS or this company which is based in the US and when you call the Phone Number is a Fully Automated System with no way to talk to someone. Helpful. Move to Wishlist Save to ... 5.0 Stars 1 Reviews 5.0 1. The card must be activated on the website. I called the number on the back of my card and put in the card information just for the automatic voice system to tell me that the card doesn't match their records. Terms, conditions and expiration apply. The only remaining support is through snail mail. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Shoppers Drug Mart and all of the Billion dollar Loblaws Companies should be held accountable for sellingt this scam in their stores. Will contact local media. Perfect Gift prepaid VISA gift card is charging $3.50 per month after the 12 months of the card being purchased. If you ever find yourself scratching your head over the perfect gift, look no further than the stock market. The perfect gift for any occasion. Visa ® Prepaid Card – The Perfect Gift™ The Visa Prepaid Card is a card that can be used at millions of locations where Visa cards are accepted electronically** including online, by phone and in person. No matter the occasion we will bring the perfect gift for you so like our page! bought a $50 one since there are none of the store specific cards left and wont be for a while due to covid.I tried to use the card several times now and i have been declined every time, well there goes $50. We went through the complaint form process and send a picture of the gift card front and back along with other information except we do not have the original purchase of the gift card as this was a gift to us. Please enter your card information below to register your card for online, mail or telephone purchases. They don’t care. FINAL SALE, NO REFUNDS IF THERE IS A PROBLEM. In order to avoid this, you need to convince Square that you are a regular merchant or find a friend that is an established merchant to make the transfer for you. We received a Visa gift card for our wedding by a good friend of mine. What if my Card is declined? Pls pls never ever get this, My Friend get the perfect gift card Dec 2019 to my Son, Yesterday My son try to Register and use same card when we check balance was 0 when we collect ask them they have deducted for monthly maintance fee they can't do anything, This is Steeling. Choose from our catalogue. No worries… place an order and we will ship directly to the recipient, as long as they live in Great Britain, within the EU and SEPA region of countries. My grandpa gave me this for a special occasion and he doesn’t have much . May see if the local news station wants to run a story on this. if I want to challenge any claims I have to mail them. There is just a series of recordings that don't help with the option to go back to the main menu after listening to them.As far as I can tell, theperfectgift.ca is just a big scam. What a joke! To my surprise $150 card had only balance of $111 and $50 card had balance of $14 wow they charge even if they are nog activated. He said he was gonna block the card and escalate it.That was when I knew they are scammers.I was asked for some information which I provided except the proof of purchase.It was given as a gift so am i supposed to ask for receipt for a gift card?Anyways, I was sent an email that since I don't have proof of purchase the case will be closed...I can't believe these people get away with this.Pls do not buy their gift cards.They are cheats. I’m only giving it 1 star because I can’t put -1000000.I purchased a visa for 250 I got some random charge on it for 40$ when I filed a complaint they told they would start a investigation plus they blocked my card and I was waiting for a refund from some place I had used it, they told me it would be fine. The card was $50 and I have learned the balance is $4. Blackhawk Network ATTN: Customer Service 10615 Professional Circle Ste. I can’t get the receipt!! I registered the card, checked the balance and then made a purchase online. HORRIBLE . $50 pocketed by the company just because you saved it and did not use it for a couple of months! Scam. And — marking the eight days of the Octave of Christmas — you can keep giving and […] Horrible customer service. Not looking after their customers at all and I will let as many people as possible know this too. I’m very disappointed with this company. Card can't be returned and can't be used.Don't by this card.... Having issues using the card for an online payment and the support number has no options for a human agent. By the end of this album you will be singing along to the Canadian Tenors theme song " Hallelujah" and be ready for God's perfect gift of love,Jesus to come into your life. Peeled off the front stick to reveal the card number. 2nd time I tried again at different restaurant and it … Simple use in-store or online. 2. More and more I see it as a scam and they likely know people will not sent the information they want you to. The New Amazon Prime Visa gives users 5% back.

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