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essential gear for travel photography

//essential gear for travel photography

essential gear for travel photography

The second reason for having a fast prime is that a wider aperture offers a very different look than most zoom lenses – a much shallower depth of field when used wide open. DSLRs use an optical viewfinder which displays your scene exactly as it appears in real life. A durable and dependable hard drive G-Technology 1TB G-Drive Mobile SSD R-Series Proper padding leaves your gear unaffected by the constant movement of travel. Simply transferring your files onto your laptop can be risky. I recommend getting a portable charger with at least 10,000 mAh; this will give you at least two full charges depending on the device. It’s best not to wander around places with gear that screams CANON or NIKON, it’ll only make you a target for thieves. If you are going to shoot at night, a small flashlight or headlamp becomes a necessity depending on where or what you are photographing. However, it lacks image stabilization. I use the excellent quick release straps from Peak Design (read the Peak Design Leash review here). Other than being small and easy to carry, they are amazing when it comes to getting ultrawide shots. 1. Travel photography is an art, but you don’t need to be a pro to do it. Travel adapters can be costly in other countries, so it’s a good idea to buy one before you leave. I really wish the form was available for download, so that it could be filled in ahead of time…But that would mean the govt would have to be more efficient… From smallest to biggest, the weight of your camera is a VERY important consideration for travel photography. I have a small 10,000 mAmp that I use for all things USB (phone, go pro batteries, etc). The fact is, a lot of places were designed before our reliance on such devices. What follows next is what I’d call the “luxuries”. Your travel photography gear doesn’t just need to be high quality, but extremely portable and versatile as well. DSLR Camera. The general rule of thumb for lenses is to carry a few that work well in various situations. If your bag is heavy, it is important to consider what additional support it offers. It also gives you the option to display features such as histograms and focus directly on your viewfinder. 3 of the 5 hotels will have a public computer and so I’ll use that with my card reader and La Cie Rugged to back up each night. Canon 5D Mark III A tripod isn’t essential for every photographer.Landscape photographers tend to get the most use out of a tripod. Be prepared by bringing a comprehensive travel photography kit of all the essential items you will need to take stunning photographs. You may, however, feel hard-pressed by its relatively high cost and the fact that most regular filters won’t work on this lens. The Anker PowerCore Cube is the perfect travel solution for photographers. They are so small and flat that you can easily stick them in pockets all over your bags. The AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 17-35mm ƒ/2.8 IF-ED lens is by far my most essential, go-to lens for documenting the outdoor adventure world. A Small Camera and Lenses. Most hard drives come with one TB of storage which is more than enough space for one trip. When I travel I like to enjoy the excitement and anticipation, and not stress about things like overweight bags and re-packing at the check-in desk. Note that this does not have anything to do with it being a prime lens, it’s just that a zoom lens with such a wide aperture would be hugely expensive and physically impractical, so they just aren’t made. -spare battery for make/model of camera. Other than preventing camera shakes, a tripod is also useful whenever you want to take a self-portrait. Chances are, you’re going to be carrying that around all day, and like an ultra-lightweight hiker who buys carbon-fiber nail clippers, we have to think about every place we can trim the extra weight . The best camera equipment in the world will be useless if you don’t know how to use it. Typically the easier it is to get your gear and start shooting the better. The Tamron SP 150-600 VC provides a massive telephoto reach of 600mm at f/6.3 on a full frame camera. If you need something much lighter and less bulky, the Storm Jacket is the answer. For that I connected it to a powerbank and put it into a ziploc bag, which was then placed on a screen fence halfway between our ‘bach’ and the house of the landlords. Though its lack of lens compatibility was heavily criticized when it was first released, it has since significantly improved since. One other thing I will note is that the USB reader lives in my laptop bag permanently. I also use a Manfrotto 327RC2 light duty grip ball head to connect my camera to the tripod. 1. 80-400mm: The Nikon 80-400 lens is by far the most popular option for wildlife photography. I used to have a real mix of rechargeable batteries but when Panasonic’s Eneloop brand came along a few years ago I threw everything else out and switched over to these amazing NiMH batteries. While I’m about to disclose all of that information to you, I want you to know that you do not need all this equipment to create beautiful content. Most photographers struggle continuously with airline carry-on limits and this makes a good laptop bag very useful as your “personal item” alongside your main camera bag. Processing the Tower Window. A decent rain cover is another such accessory. Choose a bag that fits your gear comfortably. If you plan on bringing a drone on your trip, note that certain countries may not permit it from entering their airports. The RRS Multi Clamp has threaded sockets all over it for attaching a ball head, or the BC-18 Microball. This makes it sound as though it’s not rated for 240v overseas, but I spoke to Anker directly about this and word from their product engineers is that the 125VAC marking are simply to satisfy some US regulatory standards. Features usually include the ability to shoot in both manual and auto mode. I use the Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 which is a sturdy carbon fiber tripod which is lightweight to carry. Dan, Please give this blog a look. It even has three USB ports for keeping phones and smaller camera charged. Wherever you are in the world though, you’d be lucky to spend a couple of weeks there without some precipitation. All three of these bags will carry your laptop and computer accessories, with varying amounts of additional space for camera gear. We carry a Nikon D300 with an 18-200mm VR lens. This usually results in back and shoulder pain. Glad you like the site, and thanks for joining the conversation. Keep in mind that this means you won’t have control over your camera’s focal length. All those items you have listed are essentials for sure! Before the rise of mirrorless cameras, DSLRs were unmatched in their capabilities. I think they would make a great addition to your list. They told me that this is absolutely rated for 90V – 264V, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world. Smartphones are by far the most convenient camera to carry around. Home » Gear Guide » 24 Essential Pieces Of Gear For The Travelling Photographer, Posted by Dan Carr | Mar 11, 2020 | Gear Guide. The extra room in your bag can also be problematic in terms of balance and comfort. | Hosted by Kinsta. For the past 5 years, I’ve voyaged across the world seeking the next great photograph. In N.America we only use 110v but many places use more than this and a 110v power strip will get instantly fried in those places. I really can’t comment on other roller brands since I’ve always been so happy with Think Tank ones that I’ve never had the inkling to try anything else in this department. Yep…… speaking from experience here!! Thanks so much Dan for the list, some gear that I hadn’t heard of before that I’ll have to check out. I used to be a die-hard Canon guy that bought all the best glass that just so happened to be really heavy. They also allow you to back up your images to ensure you have more than one copy at all times. Hey Craig, the number of cards you need will depend on the file size your camera is generating per image. Here in Canada I get a policy for professional photographers from a company called CG&B in Toronto. In any case, your camera options include point and shoot, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. Heavier bags can take a toll on your body after long trips. Knife, plus a kit to repair your gear 6. Don’t get stuck halfway around the world with a big speck of dirt on your sensor! Depending on the duration of time you will be out of the country, you may want to purchase a 120-300 gig hard drive for secure photo storage. Come on… somebody must have something that I’ve forgotten to put on the list? Trust in what you’ve chosen to carry to be able to do all the work ahead of you. Without them, you may not be able to use your chargers on your trip. Do they normally come with a cable, or do they plug directly into the power outlet as shown in your article? The Peak Design Leash is available for $39.95. Wow, that is A LOT of CF card space! They totally dominate the market, and for good reason! So, only bring what is necessary and nothing more. There’s two options: A tabletop tripod or a small clamp system. It does have the unfortunate side effect of making me look like a drug dealer, but their handiness outweighs that by far…. Space is a scarce resource when traveling, so it’s essential to use it wisely. Others end up leaving them in a closet collecting dust. That way if the airline loses your checked luggage with your larger tripod in it, you’ve got something to get you started. This is the best way to ensure that you can adapt to new situations and take amazing pictures with ease. Once when travelling back from New Zealand with a sealed Lead-Acid battery from an Elinchrom Ranger I was actually marched off a full 747 that was just about to leave. Get first dibs on exclusive travel, photography and post-processing tips. These items so far are what I would consider to be “the essentials”. Not to mention that it has vibration reduction which produces great handheld photos. If I was going camping for a few days, I would consider a first aid kit an essential item to pack. Due to the dated technology of optical viewfinders, DSLR cameras are usually larger and heavier than mirrorless cameras. And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m working with Calumet on this post. Heavier bags tend to slow you down and make traveling more difficult. Hotels and motels with only one power socket happen. That’s true, I have one on me at all times for outdoor shoots. I know they were about to release a version that also included USB-C plugs. It’s a good idea to bring some supplies with you to clean all your gadgets. For a lot of travellers this could mean you don’t need to take charger or spare batteries with you on a short trip at all! These three characteristics will determine the longevity of your bag and what will give you the best value for your money. So here are the essential travel photography gear that you might not know about, but should be added to your kit. 189 Facebook Twitter 100 Pinterest Reddit Email. I’ve no doubt that there’s at least one item in your kit list that needs AA batteries, and maybe AAAs too. Thanks, That sort of setup is definitely an option, yes. I need a monopod that can is very lightweight which can fold down to a minimal height,yet extend to a decent height, and some kind of head for it. Whenever I can, I try to use a roller bag when I’m flying. A headlamp has a pretty wide beam, but a flashlight with a tighter beam can be used for light painting, and also for focussing on foreground objects in night time shots. While the landscape, wedding, portrait, or wildlife photographer can just pack all their gear into a bag and then grin and bear the ludicrously heavy weight, a travel photographer has other considerations. If you’re anything like me, you love to travel, capture beautiful moments, and live life to the fullest. In three lenses I have an 11-400 mm range and all of them produce images with sharpness that rivals, and sometimes exceeds, prime lenses that I have used. Some policies will not cover this and sometimes it’s just impractical to say that you just won’t do it. Well written and so wonderful post Dan!! Sun protection: sunblock, sunglasses, hat 4. These Anker USB chargers have a power cord attached to them so you can easily position the actual USB ports in a convenient spot on a table, and then run the cable to the wall outlet.

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