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best font for logo

//best font for logo

best font for logo

A round of applause for your blog article. Choose this logo font to add a bit of a rustic compliment to an existing high contrast, traditional logo design. Ironically, because of its popularity, FF Meta was considered to be the Helvetica of the 90s! It features a retro style design that’s perfect for creating logos, titles, labels, and greeting card designs. Postmark is a modern vintage font that features a design similar to the old typewriter letters. There are also several variants of Garamond (Adobe Garamond, Garamond Premier, Stempel Garamond, etc.) Consider this logo font as another alternative to Helvetica. Elodie is an all-caps font featuring an art nouveau design. When choosing the best logo font, thinking about the emotional connection it will set is important. The font also includes 8 alternates and glyphs. Rock Salt was created by an artist who goes by “Squid”, a Tiki revivalist with a longtime fascination for hand-lettering from comics, toys and packaging from his youth. It also includes a web font version as well. Fenix STD works well with Dosis, Open Sans, Raleway, and Exo. Choose this logo font if you seek to communicate a conservative, agreeable and graceful approach. Sometimes a strange typeface is what a logo designer needs to take a brand out of the box. It’s great for designing a logo for a creative agency or a startup. Some of the main traits to keep in mind while looking for a font that's fit for your fashion brand include exclusivity, sophistication, and extensibility. The unique flowing design of the font makes it a great choice for designing signature style logos for fashion and apparel brands. Consider this logo font for a computer-related business targeting computer lovers and design nerds alike! Having trouble designing a logo? Then a sans serif font will be best for your logo. Thicker and bolder fonts are great attention grabbers. There is a huge amount of free fonts which you can download from the web, however are not reasonable for expert design. This free font is perfect for designing logos for modern technology startups and brands. This text face is surely for “bread and butter use”, producing quite the vital look. Brightsome is a trendy script font featuring a modern look and feel. Consider this logo font if you want your business to feel cute, fun or tasty! designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists, This font is ideal for crafting logos for luxury, fashion, and apparel brands. Simply put, a monogram is a … Bananito Font Duo This is a combination of a cheery uppercase display font and a unique symbols font … London-based designer James Barnard set out on a design journey: to create his own one day build (ODB, or phonetically oh-dee-bee), and complete the entire character set, numbers and the basic glyphs in 24 hours. Fonts for Logos. It’s perfect for designing logos for modern and technology brands. Make the most out of all of its options; pair Glober with bold, italicized and underlined supporting text within the same family. Coming up with unique designs for your logo can be difficult. Best Fonts for Clean Logo Design In order to achieve a clean and minimalist look in logo & brand identity design, you should rely on simple and geometric sans-serif fonts like the collection above. Inspired by the ancient Aztec symbols and letters, Azteker is a creative sans-serif font that’ll give you plenty of options for crafting a unique logo design. Remember that whatever font family you select will likely be applied across different types of mediums: packaging (bags, boxes), retail elements, print, web, and more. But most importantly, where is Gotham HTF? Choose this logo font if the intention is to apply your logo to a variety of situations for a diverse audience. Continue your search for the greatest fonts with our best poster fonts and monospaced fonts collections. Consider this font if your logo will be used regularly on stylish packaging or modern label designs. Giorgio Armani does not use Didot in this logo, but a different one. Make it your primary goal to select fonts that improve your accessibility in … As you’ll see below, Bodoni has a lot in common with the Didot family of typefaces because it was created around the same time in history. Regardless, the Bodoni typeface has its own style. It’s especially suitable for fashion and design brands. Consider this font for a professional and timeless logo with a flair of personality. Make sure you take your brand’s personality into account when choosing a font for your brand logo. Really Cool. Don’t worry. It’s no surprise that this font has been used on Swiss passports since 1985. The Posterama font family contains 63 fonts that take “a journey through space and type!” This family touches on Art Nouveau, the Armory Show, the 1913 Exhibition of Modern Art, the year of Metropolis, the Art Deco period and more. David Perry created Cardo as his version of a typeface cut for the Renaissance printer Aldus Manutius, and “designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists”. The perfect font for crafting a logo for a luxury brand or a high-end product. Then you need to find a font that can be resized without affecting its clarity. In contrast, Museo Sans is simplified and minimal, giving the letterforms room to breath. It’s important that you also follow this trend when choosing a font for your logo to keep the design consistent with your company branding and to make it more appealing to your target audience. Aileron is a Neo-Grotesque sans serif font with a distinguished and curved lower case letter “l”. Consider this font for a classic brands that want to be seen as trustworthy, or that espouse old-fashioned values. In drawing on so many fonts that came before and combining techniques in a new way, this typeface has created a novel “comic book” style. It’s inspired by 1940’s aircraft models, where we were at the beginning of modern aircraft history. Take logos like Burger King, Baskin Robbins, and Walt Disney, for example. Modern vintage designs are all the craze these days. It’s most suitable for designing logos and labels. Overall, Big Caslon feels bold and strong—perfect for making a big point. When you are on a budget and need a great font to use for your logo there are some great options out there. Glamor is a perfect elegant font for any stylish design that needs a little bit more sophistication. It brings the elegance of a classic serif face and merges it with the utility of a stencil font. Consider this font for your business if you feel inspired by vintage circus styles, classic wooden crate branding or cigar box designs. However, this font features a wavy and a colorful look. This ambitious and bold project speaks for itself, and works harmoniously alongside monospace and handwritten fonts. This typeface is a great example of classic typeface styles entering the realm of digital typography. The typeface ITC Bauhaus takes inspiration from Universal and builds on it with the inclusion of upper and lowercase characters, and an overall refinement. Although, this font is capable of designing logos, signage, posters, and much more. They also believed that the individual artistic spirit could coexist with mass production. Of course, finding inspiration for a unique design is not as easy as it sounds. Overall, the family’s design is clean, straightforward and works brilliantly for logo and headlines alike. Walk On’s subtle ornamentation, simple shapes and retro-feel creates so much flexibility for its application. Canilari could be considered somewhat of an outcast typeface. The unique design of the characters will make this font fit in well with both digital and print designs. FedEx and Swissair are two companies who have built strong brand identities with the modern—yet friendly—letterforms. Today we’re helping you find the best font for your logo designs. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 fonts, design templates, themes, photos, and more. Veronika Burian (also one of the collaborators on the font Foco) is truly worth highlighting for her work on Tondo, one of the early fonts to take rounded corners to an extreme. Let’s take a look at the font trends that will define the next year, and learn from the best about how to choose fonts for your logo and brand identity as a whole. A clever use of logo fonts can add value to the design in terms of delivering a brand message. Chan’s intention was to communicate a radical perspective to eras that deeply inspired him, specifically Art Deco’s straight lines and bold shapes and Art Nouveau’s organic aesthetic. Gamour comes with a very elegant and clean letter design. They can be altered and modified in a multitude of ways to give your brand a unique feel. Consider this logo font if your business needs an officious or legal look (or if your business has long name that could use a thinner font). The font features both uppercase and lowercase letters with ligatures and symbols. Hi Folks! Choose this logo font if you’d rather shout than whisper, but in a politeful way. These tips will help you make that decision-making process a lot easier. Also, we have collected cool monogram fonts here. It comes in two styles featuring regular and outline typefaces. The best Script Fonts are perfect for logo design, hand lettering projects, greeting cards, typography logotypes, unique invitations, stamps, branding and more. Avoid combining different statement fonts, such as serifs with slab serifs or a script font with another script font. It includes two fonts: Emerald and Splatter, which you can combine together to create unique logos of your own. The typeface is crafted for legibility at small sizes or at a distance. There are some specially carved out fonts for logos. Consider this font for futuristic and science-fiction-based brands. Good logo fonts work in favor of the brand’s identity, and they ought to be both original and legible to distinguish it in any situation. One was a decreased interest in legibility, and the other was the introduction of computers. Flix is a bold display font with a stylish rounded character design that gives it a unique identity of its own. Tell the story of your brand with the best free and premium fonts for logos. It’s a font that still has that positive, welcoming feel yet looks more modern and current. Natanael Gama designed the sans serif typeface as a way to further his own research into typography. You should use no more than 2 or 3 different logo fonts in your logo design. This digital iteration takes those analog forms and perfects them into a usable type family containing 23 fonts. Although I am a big fan of purchasing fonts from sources like MyFonts, there are free and popular options. Find the perfect font for your next design project with one of these collections. Metropolia is a futuristic font that features a creative design. Download thousands of stunning premium fonts and typefaces with an Envato Elements membership. Crafting the perfect logo often takes a lot of hard work and time. There are eight weights, all of which are exciting—especially the lightest weight, which seems to be composed of single pixel lines. With the evolution of font files and new methods for making sure each letter connects properly, script fonts have become more popular than ever. Sans-serif logo fonts lack the “feet” at the ends of each letterform and are considered more modern than their serif counterparts. Hemindwar is a hand-lettering font family that comes in 3 different styles: Regular, stencil, and roughened. They created many versions of Didot, one of which is used in the Giorgio Armani logo. Some logo designers like Paul Rand spend months and sometimes years designing a single logo. While Rockwell hasn’t been in the limelight recently, it’s a standout typeface from the 1930s. The font features 400 glyphs and lots of alternates as well. The rough and textured look of the font makes it the perfect choice for crafting a logo for a creative brand or a product label designs. Aurora is a calligraphy style brush font that comes in 3 different styles: Regular, light, and an alternate version. Caos font comes with a unique monogram design that surely attract your coustomers. It has resonated through time in famous logos like Vogue and Calvin Klein, and is a great font to consider for mainstream fashion brands. This makes Neue Swift a great choice for wordy logos! A beautiful free font you can use for free with personal and commercial projects. Glober is known for excellent legibility through a broad range of language support and case sensitive punctuation. There’s a few misidentified typefaces here. A monogram font with a futuristic design. It features a mixed design of both modern and creative elements. Choose this logo font to inspire luxurious Parisian lifestyles from back in the day. This font is perfect for designing logos for personal and creative brands. Excellent information and descriptions. Choose this logo font to be provocative or support a politically-focused agenda. It includes an entire family of fonts for free. It looks great in large titles and intertwined with background elements. The font comes in a web font version as well. Being able to choose from 3 separate styles is also a benefit of using this font. It’s unusual and opens the door for designers to play creatively with this unusual element. 10 Best Fonts for Logos. Steak is a quirky cursive font that speaks to the handmade artisan aesthetic. FF Blur embodies both of these trends. That’s because the typeface is simple and utilitarian, with quirky touches—like the rounded square tail of the “R”, the narrow “t” and “f”, and the bracketed top flag of the “1”. It features a stylish letter design with unique glyphs and special characters that allows you to design a stylish and relevant logo for your business or organization. Consider this font for brand names containing the letter “Q” and/or brands needing an energetic and outgoing slab serif! Emerald is another elegant script font that’s most suitable for fashion and clothing related logo and signage design. That's the important factor is generally known in the graphic designing realm as ‘font.’ When it comes to creating visually compelling logos, you must do a thorough research on fonts. Choose this logo font for a sleek and futuristic look, ideal for clothing brands and startups. Just as the name suggests, Fresh Guava is a beautiful and creative font you can use to craft logos for fresh and creative brands and businesses. Southern is a script font with a unique handwritten design. You have to come up with a design outline, pick the right colors, and find the perfect logo font to match the branding.

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